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Down the Ave

Down the Ave

Down the Ave

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A card game for Seattleites, by Seattleites.

Want to put your Seattle experiences to the test? College in this city comes with some special memories. Challenge your friends to an unfiltered card game and remember those sweet, sweet campus days.

Enjoy game night with the same great, authentic Seattle college experiences, but with a post-grad perspective. Down the Ave cards are based on student life in Seattle’s U District.

Each deck comes with a pack of 255 Purple Answer Cards and 45 White Question Cards. 3 Question Cards are gold foiled and are worth double the points. Included in every pack, is also a Rule Sheet with instructions on how to play Down the Ave, along with terms that give more detail about the Seattle experience.

Snap a pic of how you play, and tag us on Instagram @DowntheAveGame with #DowntheAve!

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